EdgeEX — Customizing courses overview

EdgeEX courses can be customized at the district, school, section, and enrollment level. 

You can customize courses by:

  • Reordering semesters, units, lessons, and activities.
    • Units can be moved from one semester to another. Lessons can be moved from one unit to another. Activities can be reordered within a lesson. However, in order to preserve the integrity of the lesson, activities cannot be moved from one lesson to another.
  • Hiding semesters, units, lessons, and activities.

In-flight customization

You can customize courses throughout the semester even after students have already begun working. 

Higher-level changes are applied to all lower levels. That is, once a course is customized in the District Catalog, the updates to the course are automatically applied to courses that have been pushed to the School Catalog. They are also applied to all sections and enrollments, with the following rules in place:

  • Hidden content: Customizations made at a higher level are applied to all lower levels unless it would override a customization already made at the enrollment level. For example, if a teacher has customized a course at the enrollment level to hide activities for concepts the student has already mastered, those activities will not be added back when changes are made to the course in the District Catalog.
  • Reordered content: Higher-level changes are applied to all lower levels. For example, consider a course with 3 units called "Apples," "Bananas," and "Cherries." If a school administrator swaps the order of Bananas and Cherries, and then a district administrator subsequently moves Apples to the end of the course, the school, section, and enrollment versions of the course will now be Cherries, Bananas, and Apples.


Access the applicable article for steps to customize content: