EdgeEX — Sections overview

EdgeEX uses sections to organize enrollments. A section ties together students, a teacher, and a course.

  • Students are enrolled in a section.
  • Teachers teach a section.
  • Courses provide the course content, version and options inherited by the section.

Benefits of sections include:

  • Teachers only view their own sections (when the See All Courses and Students permission is turned off).
  • Students can be transferred from one section to another.
  • Administrators can view and manage all sections of a course in one place.
  • When an administrator makes changes to a course, the change can be pushed to all sections.

Frequently asked questions

How do sections affect which students display on the Educator Launchpad?
After teachers are assigned a section and students are enrolled in the section, alerts will display on the teacher's Educator Launchpad for the students enrolled in their section. We recommend only assigning teachers to sections they want to receive alerts about.
My teachers teach the same course to different students during different class periods. Can I separate these students into a section for their class period?
Yes! You can create as many sections as you want for each version of the course. When creating the sections, specify how many sections of a particular course version you want to create, then add the teacher to their sections. Be sure to add the period label to each section so they can be easily identified.
Can I still enroll students in EdgeEX courses if my district doesn’t operate using sections? We don’t make copies of courses for each teacher in heritage Edgenuity.
Yes! Create a single section for each version of each course you want to offer. Leave the teachers Unassigned, and make sure your teachers all have the See All Courses and Students permission.
How should I set up my sections if students will be enrolling in and finishing the course at different times?
Set the section target date to be the same as the start date – this will allow you to enroll students on a flexible, or rolling, schedule. If a student is enrolled in a section on or before the start date for the section, the student's start date will be the same as the section start date. If a student is enrolled after the section's start date, their start date will be the date they are enrolled. This prevents a student from starting the course and already being behind. After you enroll a student in the section, set the enrollment start and target dates in Manage Enrollments.
How do EdgeEX sections relate to Classes and User Groups?

In EdgeEX, sections are a way to organize students without needing to create Classes or User Groups. However, if you want to view students within a section in smaller groupings, you can still use Classes or User Groups to do so.

Classes can be used when there is a group of students across different courses and sections that educators need to view data for. Classes are useful when information about that group is not only meaningful to teachers, but to administrators who are monitoring data about the group.


Consider a lab teacher who is an additional teacher on multiple sections. To view only their students, the lab teacher could filter the Manage Enrollments page and other reports using the Class filter.

User Groups can be used for a small group of students that a particular teacher wants to monitor, but that an administrator wouldn't need to be alerted about.


A teacher may want to filter to view groupings of students who are at-risk or who have special needs.

Navigating to sections

From Manage Courses

Navigate directly to a Section Hub from the Manage Courses page. EdgeEX courses are identified by the EdgeEX logo.



You can filter by Series: EdgeEX to list all EdgeEX sections.

From My School Catalog

Locate the course in your School Catalog, and click View to navigate to the Course Hub. The Sections tab displays a list of course sections.


Click the version (IC, CR, HON) to see sections for that course version.

Managing sections

Creating sections

Create sections from the School Catalog and assign them to teachers using these steps.

Customizing sections

Customize content and change course options for specific sections using these steps.

Enrolling students in sections

Enroll students in EdgeEX sections the same way you enroll them in heritage Imagine Edgenuity courses, using these steps.