EdgeEX — Creating sections of a course


To create a section, you must have the EdgeEX Create Sections permission.

To check your permissions, reference Checking your educator permissions.

Use this article to create one or more sections of an EdgeEX course.

Frequently asked questions

Since grade weights are set at the course level, what will happen if I create a section for a split/semester that does not have any of a certain activity type?
This can happen if, for example, a course has a weight of 10% for Projects, but all the Projects are in Semester A and there are none in Semester B. In this case, Sections created for Semester B will have no activities in that grade weight category and the points allocated to that category will be distributed proportionally across the remaining categories. You can modify these weights in the Section Hub if you choose.

Creating sections of a course

  1. Access your School Catalog.
  2. Locate the applicable course by scrolling through the list or using the Sort by and Search Courses tools.
  3. On the top-right of the course tile, click Create Sections.
  4. The Create Sections flyout displays, opening to the Select Versions page. Enter the number of sections you want to create for each version of the course, then click Next. If you leave a version field blank, no sections will be created for that version.


    At any time, you can click to expand the box at the bottom of the flyout to see a list of the sections you're creating.


  5. On the Choose Term Type page, Fixed Term is preselected. Enter the desired Start and Target dates or select them from the calendar, then click Next.
  6. On the Name Sections page, the Create Naming Structure box is prefilled with a Course Name tile. You can drag up to 3 additional tiles into the box to create a custom name for your course.

    If you select Custom Text, a text box displays below the Create Naming Structure box; you can add your custom text in the text box. Then, click Next.


    • We strongly recommend including a Course Name or a Course Code in the title of your sections so that sections are easily identifiable in a list.
    • No two sections in a school can have the exact same name. If duplicates are created, for example, two sections of Mr. Kerber’s Algebra II IC Fall2023, then the namer will add AAA01 to the first and AAA02 to the second.
  7. On the Assign Teachers page, complete the following:
    • Assign a primary teacher, if desired. You can also leave the primary teacher unassigned, leaving the section to be assigned a teacher later.
    • Assign additional teachers, if desired.
    • Adjust the grade level, if desired.
    • Under Actions, delete the section if it was created in error.
    • Click Save.
  8. A confirmation window displays.
  9. If you need to change the sections you just created, you can. For steps, reference EdgeEX — Updating a Section.