EdgeEX — Section Hub overview

The Section Hub allows educators to view and manage sections of a course.


In EdgeEX, educators cannot assign a course to their linked student account to preview content. Instead, to view Course Structure and preview activities, navigate to the Content tab in the Section Hub or Course Hub. 

Accessing the Section Hub

On the Manage Courses page, locate the course section and click the name of the section to open it.

You will know you are in the Section Hub because the last breadcrumb at the top of the page is Section and the first tab on the left navigation is Enrollments.

Features of the Section Hub

The following are the features of the Section Hub:

Tab Description

View all enrollments in a section along with a snapshot of information about their progress: target progress, actual progress, pacing status, grade, and active time.

Click a row to view the enrollment.


View and modify course options. 


To learn more about sections, reference EdgeEX — Sections overview.