Administrator Reports Overview

Use this page to access Administrator Reports and review general features of the dashboard and widgets. 

Data on the Administrator Reports refreshes overnight.


By default, Administrator Reports are visible to district administrators. For school administrators and teachers to see the reports, the View District Reports permission must be enabled on the user account. Data in the Administrator Reports includes only the school or schools associated with the user's account.

Accessing the Reports

  1. Under the More tab, select Administrator Reports.
  2. Click to view the desired report:
    1. District Usage & Activities
    2. On Track / Off Track
    3. Report Builder - Enrollments
    4. Report Builder - Students

Dashboard Features

The table below explains the general features of the dashboard and widgets.

Feature Description Image
Full Screen Click the icon to expand the view of the dashboard to full screen. R-2.png
Dashboard options
  • Download the dashboard as a PDF.
  • Restore the dashboard to its prefiltered state or download a PDF or an image of the report.

Use the filters on the right side of the page to narrow information on the report.

Widget options

Hover the mouse over any widget and the options display in the right corner of the widget.

  • Tool tips: Hover the mouse over the icon to learn more about the widget and how it works.
  • Options: Download the contents of the widget as an image or CSV file.


To learn about the features of the reports, use the links provided below.