Understanding the Report Builder - Enrollments

School Administrators and District Administrators can run the Report Builder to pull student data in a highly customizable format. The Report Builder - Enrollments report displays information at the enrollment level. Use this report to export a version of the Manage Enrollments page. If you want information at the student level, reference Understanding the Report Builder - Students.


By default, Administrator Reports are visible to district administrators. For school administrators and teachers to see the reports, the View District Reports permission must be enabled on the user account. Data in the Administrator Reports includes only the school or schools associated with the user's account.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take for an action to display on the report?

Report data populates through an overnight sync and does not include current-day activity. Throughout each day, data is collected and compiled for reporting the next day. For example, when a student completes an assessment on Monday, the information displays on the report on Tuesday.

Accessing the report

  1. Access Administrator Reports.
  2. Click Report Builder - Enrollments.
  3. The report displays with 4 sections:


Drop-down menus

This portion of the report allows you to perform some basic data filtering to customize the set of students returned in the results.

Use the drop-down menus to select the information you want to display. As you make selections, the table refreshes with the updated information.

Click Reset to revert the filters back to their defaults. 

The drop-down menus are as follows:

Drop-down menu  Description
Home school Select one or more schools to include in the report. If you are a School Administrator, the only option will be your own school. For District Administrators, the default is all schools.
Student Grade Level Select one or more grade levels to include in the report. The default setting is all applicable grade levels. Only the grade levels of students rostered in your school or district appear in the menu. If you are at a high school, for example, Grade 6 will not be an option for you to select. 
Subject Select one or more subjects.
Date Enrolled Select a range of dates. 
Select Row Values

This menu determines the columns that appear on the left side of the results table. It also determines how many rows appear in your report and in the Total # Rows box. 

Select the values in the order you want to include them in the report. To reorder the columns, clear the selections using the eraser icon, then re-select the order in which you click each box. (Alternately, you can reorder the columns after downloading the report.)


Select Metrics This menu determines the columns that appear on the right side of the results table. Select the columns you want to include in the order you want them to appear in the report. They will appear immediately after the columns you selected in the Select Row Values drop-down menu.

Filters section

You can filter the report further using the filters on the right side of the page. Reference Filtering Administrator Reports and creating Custom Bookmarks for information about filtering.


Only the filter options applicable to the groups, teachers, and schools you've selected will display.

The filters work together (if you select multiple filters, the results contain only the students who meet all the requirements of the all filters).

Exporting the report

You can export the report. For information, reference Administrator Reports overview.