EdgeEX course options — Grade weights


Each activity in an EdgeEX course has a grade weight category set in the course options. A student's course grade is a weighted average based on to the values set in Grade Weights section of the course options page. Educators can change the grade weights for activities and assessments from the defaults by updating the Grade Weights course option. The values must total 100.

If a grade weight category exists in the course but there are no scores in that category yet, the grade weight category, available points are distributed proportionately across the categories that do have scores. For example, consider a scenario with grade weights as follows:

  • Quizzes = 50
  • Tests  = 30
  • Exams = 20

If  there are no Exam scores, the course grade weight will be computed with Quizzes weighted at 62.5% and Tests weighted at 37.5%.


A category labeled Additional will be available at a later date.



Practice Assessments

Coming Soon — EdgeEX courses will provide a separate grade weight category for Practice Assessments, which are the Practice Test and Practice Exam activities that precede the actual Test and Exam. These activities are called Test Review and Exam Review in the heritage Imagine Edgenuity courses, and they are not counted toward students' course grades. In EdgeEX, they are counted but weighted as 0% by default, allowing schools to weight them toward the course grades if they choose. If you wish to count the practice assessments toward students' course grades, increase the grade weight and modify other weights as needed to keep the total at 100%.

Customizing grade weights

For procedures to customize the options of a course, refer to Updating course options.