EdgeEX – Course options overview


This article is for use by EdgeEX Beta users.

New course options

The following course options are new for EdgeEX courses:

  • Pretesting: Allow Save and Exit, Require Teachers to Unlock Pretests (formerly known as Teacher Review)
  • Assessment Options: Set review options for tests and exams in addition to quizzes (no review, student answers only, correct answers and explanations)
  • Assessment Attempts: Configure different numbers of attempts for quizzes, tests, and exams; set the maximum number of attempts teachers can give before students are moved on automatically, set auto-progression per assessment type
  • Free Movement: Allow students to increase video playback speed
  • Start and Target Dates: Support for automatic Target Dates for Rolling Enrollments, Lock Course Before Start Date, Lock Course [xx] Days After Target Date
  • Display Pacing to Students: Show/hide Estimated Completion Time on Course Map,  Due Dates on Course Map, Pacing on Home Page, and Activities Past Due Alert on Course Map

All available course options 

This guide provides a description of all the course options currently available in EdgeEX courses. Click each available option link below for details about that option.

Option Description
Grade weights The grade weight options allow educators to change the grade weights for different activities and assessments.

The pretesting option allows students to place out of each lesson with a 10-question quiz at the beginning of the lesson.


If the Require Teachers to Unlock Assessments option is turned on, the course will be locked for students when it begins. Unlock the Assessments on the Educator Launchpad.

Basic assessment options

The following options govern the passing score and time that students have to complete assessments (quizzes, tests, and exams):

  • Passing thresholds: Control the score at which students pass an assessment.
  • Time limits: Control how long students have to complete assessments.
Advanced assessment options

The following options help to ensure academic integrity on each assessment type (quizzes, tests, and exams):

  • Require teachers to unlock assessment.
  • Allow students to save and exit.
  • Allow students to review completed attempts: Opt to allow students to review only their answers or to review their answers plus the correct answers.
Assessment attempts

The following options control the number of attempts a student has on each assessment type (quizzes, tests, and exams):

  • Initial allowed attempts: Controls the number of attempts required before the student is blocked from moving forward.
  • Max allowed attempts: Places a cap on the total number of attempts teachers can give students.
Student resource availability

The following options allow educators to enable or disable the following options for student note-taking:

  • Display guided notes.
  • Allow eNotes on assessments.
Free movement

The following options control how students move within the course:

  • Allow students to move freely within the course. If the option is not enabled, students must complete activities in sequential order.
  • Allow students to increase video playback speed up to two times the original video speed.
Start and target dates

The following options govern due dates and target progress:

  • Term type: Choose between fixed term or rolling enrollment.
  • Lock course before start date.
  • Lock course after target date.
Display pacing to students

The following options control where and how pacing-related information is displayed to students:

  • Show pacing on homepage and course map.
  • Show estimated completion time on course map.
  • Show due dates on course map.
  • Show activities on course map.