EdgeEX course options — Advanced assessment options


Assessment options allow educators to customize how the course assessments are delivered. Advanced assessment options help to ensure academic integrity on each assessment type (quizzes, tests, and exams).

Advanced Assessment Options work the same in EdgeEX as they do in heritage Edgenuity courses. However, they can all be set differently for quizzes, tests, and exams (which is not possible for heritage courses). 


Advanced assessment options

The advanced assessment options are as follows:

Option Description Default Availability
Require Teachers to Unlock Assessments

Requires teachers to unlock assessments for students.

This setting is the same as what the heritage courses refer to as Teacher Review. When this is on, students will not be able to begin an assessment until a teacher manually unlocks it from the Assessments to Unlock widget on the Educator Launchpad. The student will appear on the Launchpad as soon as they complete the previous activity.


The following sub-options are available in heritage courses, but can only be toggled on/off for all assessments. In EdgeEX, they can be configured differently for each assessment type, including pretests:

  • The Require for Each Attempt checkbox controls whether the assessment re-locks if a student clicks Save and Exit or otherwise navigates away from the assessment.
  • The Require Attempt Starts Within checkbox controls how long a student has to begin the assessment before it re-locks. 

Main option defaults to:

  • Quizzes: Off
  • Tests: On
  • Exams: On

Sub-options default to:

  • Require for each attempt:
    • Quizzes: Off
    • Tests: On
    • Exams: On
  • Require Attempt Start within:
    • Quizzes: Off
    • Tests: On, 30 minutes
    • Exams:On, 30 minutes 
EdgeEX and heritage courses
Allow Students to Save and Exit

Allows students to save and exit from an assessment. When this is on, students can save their work in a an assessment and return to it later. If it is off, the assessment will auto-submit after the time limit runs out, even if students leave the assessment.

The Hide Viewed Questions setting controls whether students can return to questions they have already viewed after they save and exit.


For the Hide Viewed Questions setting, it doesn’t matter whether students have answered a question, only whether they have viewed it.
  • Main option defaults to On for all assessment types.
  • Hide Viewed Questions defaults to On for all assessment types.
EdgeEX and heritage courses
Allow Students to Review Completed Attempts

Allows students to review only their answers or to review their answers plus the correct answers.

In heritage courses, this is called the Quiz Review Method, and it is not available for tests and exams. In EdgeEX, it can be configured for each assessment type.

Defaults to Show Correct Answers on all assessment types.

EdgeEX and heritage courses

Customizing advanced assessment options

For procedures to customize the options of a course, refer to Updating course options.