EdgeEX course option — Basic assessment options


Basic assessment options include passing thresholds and time limits for quizzes, tests, and exams. (They are controlled for pretests separately in the Pretesting section.) These options work the same way in EdgeEX courses as they do in heritage Imagine Edgenuity courses.


Basic assessment options

The basic assessment options are as follows:

Option Description Default Availability
Passing Thresholds

Controls the score at which students have passed an assessment.

A student’s assessment attempt is considered passing when their score meets or exceeds the threshold. For example, if the threshold is set to 70, a score of 70 or above is passing.

Defaults to 70. EdgeEX and heritage courses
Time Limits

Controls how long students have to complete assessments.


If a student has the unlimited time accommodation set in their student profile, that will override any value configured here.

Defaults to:

  • Quizzes: 60 minutes
  • Tests: 120 minutes
  • Exams: 180 minutes
EdgeEX and heritage courses

Customizing basic assessment options

For procedures to customize the options of a course, refer to Updating course options.