EdgeEX — Updating course options of an enrollment


You must have the Edit Enrollment Options permission to complete the steps on this page. To check your permissions, reference Checking your educator permissions.

Use this article to update the course options of an enrollment.

  1. Access the Enrollment Hub of the applicable enrollment.
  2. On the left navigation, click Options.
  3. The course options display. Use the list to jump to a specific section or scroll down the page to view all options.
  4. Next to the name of the option you want to edit, click the pencil icon. 


    Clicking the pencil icon next to one option unlocks editing for all the options.

  5. Make the applicable change to the course options. Review a list of all the options here.
  6. On the confirmation window that displays, click Apply Changes.
  7. A confirmation window displays. Review the updates made and click Confirm.
  8. A confirmation window displays. Click the X to close it.