EdgeEX course options – Pretesting


This article is for use by EdgeEX Beta users.


When enabled, the pretesting option allows students who can demonstrate proficiency in a lesson's content to place out of each lesson with a 10-question quiz at the beginning of the lesson. Pretesting can be turned on or off for a course, section, or individual enrollment. When pretesting is enabled, it can be configured with the options below. 

After pretesting out of a lesson, the student's pretest score is counted towards their course grade in the quiz grade weight category. If a student wants to raise their score, they can use their available quiz attempts. If a student passes the pretest but gets a higher score on a subsequent quiz attempt, the higher score is counted instead of the pretest score. Turning pretesting on or off has no impact on the student's actual or relative grade.


Pretesting options

The pretesting options are as follows:

Option Description Default Availability

Lesson Pretesting

Toggle On to enable pretesting.


  • The number of attempts cannot be configured. Pretests only get one attempt.
  • Students cannot pretest out of a lesson that does not contain an eligible item bank, even if the pretesting option is enabled. This is because without items associated with the lesson, there is nothing to generate a pretest. If a lesson contains a quiz, it has an eligible item bank. However, note that if the quiz is removed (via customization), pretests will still display as long as the lesson had a quiz when it was published.

Defaults to On for Credit Recovery (CR) math, science, and social studies courses. Defaults to Off for CR English language arts courses and all Initial Credit (IC) courses.

EdgeEx and heritage courses

Allow Save and Exit
  • Toggle On to allow students to save a pretest and return to it later. If it is Off, the pretest will automatically submit after time runs out, even if the student leaves the pretest.
  • The Hide Viewed Questions setting controls whether students can return to questions they have already viewed after they save and exit.
Defaults to Off. EdgeEX courses only
Passing Threshold Update the score needed to pass the pretest. Defaults to 80. EdgeEx and heritage courses
Time Limit

Update the time in minutes given to students to complete pretests

Defaults to 60 minutes. EdgeEx and heritage courses
Require Teachers to Unlock Assessments

When toggled On, students will not be able to begin a pretest until the teacher manually unlocks it from the Assessments to Unlock widget on the Educator Launchpad.

Also, two controls help enforce academic integrity: 

  • The Require for Each Attempt checkbox controls whether the pretest re-locks if a student clicks Save and Exit or navigates away from the pretest. 
  • The Require Attempt Starts Within checkbox controls how long a student has to begin the pretest before it re-locks.


When toggled On, the course will be locked for students when it begins. Unlock the Assessments on the Educator Launchpad.


This setting cannot be enabled if the Free Movement option is enabled.

Defaults to Off. EdgeEX courses only

Customizing pretesting options

For procedures to customize the options of a course, refer to Updating course options.