EdgeEX — Teacher-scored activities

Although the majority of activities in EdgeEX courses are system-scoreable, there are also some free-response, teacher-scored activities:

When a student submits any of these activity types, a Work to Grade alert displays on the Educator Launchpad.

To award a score on a teacher-scored activity, reference EdgeEX — Changing/awarding a score and adding comments on an activity.

Frequently asked questions

Which courses have teacher-scored activities?
All Initial Credit and Honors courses have teacher-scored activities. Most Credit Recovery courses do not; however, ELA courses do — albeit a smaller number than Initial Credit or Honors ELA courses.
How can I tell how many teacher-scored activities are in a course?
You can view this information in the Catalog (Imagine Edgenuity Catalog, District Catalog, or School Catalog) by expanding the View Versions area at the bottom of each course description.


You can identify also teacher-scored activities on the Content tab:

  • On the left navigation, the number of activity types is available:
  • At the top of the center pane, the number of teacher-scored activities in a semester, unit, or lesson is noted:


How can I tell which activities in a course are teacher-scored activities?

You can identify teacher-scored activities on the center pane of the Content tab.

On the list of activities, teacher-scored activities are identified.

When you click to view the activity, the description at the top indicates if the activity is teacher scored.

When does the academic integrity video display for students?
A short video about plagiarism displays for students before they begin their first written or uploaded free-response activity and will play when students launch any subsequent written/uploaded free-response activity if it has been at least 90 calendar days since they last viewed it. 

Academic Integrity video

To support academic integrity, students will view a short video about plagiarism before they begin their first written or uploaded free-response activity. (The video will not play for speaking activities.) The plagiarism video will play when students launch any subsequent written/uploaded teacher-scored activity if it has been at least 90 calendar days since they last viewed it. 

Short Writing

Short Writing activities ask students to write a few sentences or a few paragraphs in response to a specific prompt. In Short Writing activities, students have access to a rich-text toolbar they can use to add tables, math equations, and even images to their response.

Short Writing.png

Speaking Activity

These activities require students to record themselves speaking. For example, they might read a poem aloud, give an oral summary of something they have read, or make and support an argument.Speaking Activity.png

Performance Task/Project

These activities require students to complete work offline (for example, make a multimedia presentation, solve and explain a series of related math problems). Students can upload their work from their device or the cloud, submit directly from Google Drive, or capture an image using their device camera or their computer’s webcam.

Performance Task:





These activities guide students through the writing process of prewriting, drafting, and revising as they write narrative, argumentative/persuasive, or expository extended responses.Essay.png