EdgeEX — Understanding the student Course Report


Looking for information about the Course Report for heritage Imagine Edgenuity courses? Reference Understanding the Course Report.

Students can access and download their Course Report from their Course Map. Use this page to learn about the contents of the Course Report.

Frequently asked questions

How is this EdgeEX Course Report different from the heritage Imagine Edgenuity Course Report?

The Course Report has not undergone any major changes in data points from heritage Imagine Edgenuity to EdgeEX. The contents and format of the report largely remain the same, however we have restyled it to match the EdgeEX look and feel and by making the PDF accessible.

There are 2 new data points:

  • Total Active time for the course
  • Target Progress (%) for completion of the course
Can educators access the EdgeEX Course Report?

Not yet. The downloadable Course Report will be available to educators in an upcoming release. However, educators can access the information in the student's Gradebook.


What time zone are the dates pulled for the Course Report?

The dates are based on Arizona's time zone. Keep this in mind if a student in California completes an activity at 11:03 pm PT and the date on the Course Report shows the next day. This is because Arizona time was 12:03 am. 

Features of the report

The table below explains each part of the report. 



Feature Description
Left header information
Course Report Name and type of course.
Total Active Time Student's total active time.
Actual Grade Student's Actual Grade.
Overall Grade Student's Overall Grade.
Relative Grade Student's Relative Grade.
Right header information
Report Created On Date and time the report was created.
Start Date Date the student is expected to start the course.
Target Date Date the student is expected to complete the course.
Target Progress Ratio of days elapsed to available working days in a course. It is used to determine whether students are ahead or behind.
Actual Progress Completed percentage by time, which represents how far along in the course the student has progressed.
Report columns

List of each activity within each lesson of the course. 

If a course has been customized, it will be reflected on this report.


Due date assigned via the Assignment Calendar.

If an activity's due date spans across multiple days, the last day is the date that populates this field.

Started Date the student first began the activity.

Date the student submitted the activity.

If a student has multiple attempts the score counted is the date that is displayed.

Attempts Number of times a student completed the activity.
Est Time Approximate time it would take a student to complete the activity.
Total Time

Total comprehensive time it took a student to complete the activity. 

If a student has multiple attempts, the time displayed is a summation of all the attempts. 


Weighted category to which the activity is associated. 

Only activities that are counted toward the grade are shown.


Score the student earned on the activity that is counted.

Only activities that are counted toward the grade are shown.