EdgeEX — Using tools in the Student Learning Experience


Some of the features on this page are not yet available.

EdgeEX courses support student success with tools and features within the lessons.

Frequently asked questions

If I edit a comment, will the student receive a new notification to read the updated comment?
No. Students will not get a new alert if you edit a comment.



Feature Description


Students can choose from 4 colors when highlighting important text.

Read Aloud

When this feature is enabled, students can hear text read aloud to them in English or the language of their choice. Once a student has changed the language in the Translation box below, they can click the headphones icon and listen to the read-aloud in their chosen language.


When this feature is enabled, students can translate any text on screen to over 130 different languages, with some exceptions. The following do not translate from English: 

  • Pages that span the whole site (for example, the activity score screen, assessment launch screen, and conclusion screen)
  • Titles (for example, course title, lesson title, activity titles)
  • Text on buttons
  • Text in interactive activities
  • Text in an image or video; however, video captions do translate


Students can click the Calculator icon on the left navigation to access a standard or graphing calculator.

Additional Tools

Students can click the Additional Tools icon on the left navigation to access other tools available for the course. For example, the reference materials for Algebra I include formulas and equations.


If a teacher has left written feedback in a comment for a student, when the student clicks the Review Comments button on the student home page or on the Course Map, the first activity that has unread feedback opens to the attempt that has feedback in Review Mode.

The Teacher Comments flyout on the activity player defaults open and remains open while a student navigates between items.

Students can also click the Comments icon on the top navigation. This icon only displays if the student has a comment.


For math courses, students can click the Feedback icon on the top navigation to access system-generated answer explanations and Show Me videos about the activity. 


Students can click the Resources icon on the top navigation to access the following:

  • Notes: Students can take eNotes in the flyout that displays. They can add tables, images, and hyperlinks to your notes. They can also access guided notes from the flyout.
  • Glossary: Students can review glossary terms related to the activity in the flyout that displays. They can use the search bar to look up other words in a dictionary.
  • Transcript: Students can review a written transcript of the activity in the flyout that displays.