EdgeEX — Using the Course Map in the Student Learning Experience


Some of the features on this page are not yet available.

Accessing the Course Map page

On the student home page, click the desired tile.

Features of the Course Map page

The following are the features of the course map:


Item Description
1. Next Activity button

Students can use the Next Activity button to move to the next activity. 

If students have unread feedback from a teacher, this button will change to Review Comments and will take them to the first activity with unread comments.

2. Unit Progress Lessons Completed shows the number of lessons completed out of total lessons.
3. You Are Here The You are Here bar shows visual representation of student progress in the current unit.
4. Course Progress

In this section, students can view their course grade and percent of course complete.

Students can also download a report of their progress.

5. eNotes Students can click the eNotes button on the left navigation to view notes.
6. Progress Overview

Students can click to view a Progress Overview, which provides detailed information about their course progress in an easy-to-understand way.

7. Course Navigation

On the right side, students can navigate between units of a course.

8. Guided Notes Students can click the Guided Notes icon on the lesson to view and use the fillable guided notes for the lesson.
9. Lesson Details Students can click to view standards and objectives for the lesson.
10. Activities Students can click an activity to open it.