EdgeEX course options — Assessment attempts

Frequently asked questions

What happens if a student loses Internet connection during an assessment?
The timer will continue to count down. However, the student can re-enter and complete the assessment with the time remaining. If the timer runs out and the assessment auto-submits, teachers can provide an additional attempt.
If a student passes an assessment, can they still use their available initial allowed attempts to try to raise their score?
Why is Auto Progression not an available course option in EdgeEX?
In heritage courses, when Auto Progression is on, students will be automatically moved on once they exhaust their Fail Attempts, even if they have not earned a passing score. In EdgeEX courses, this happens automatically when the student exhausts their Max Allowed Attempts. If the intent is for the student to be moved on once they exhaust their Initial Allowed Attempts (mimicking what happens in heritage with Auto Progression on), this can be achieved by setting the Max and Initial Allowed Attempts to the same value.
If an educator resets an assessment, do the attempts that have already been taken count against the allowed attempts?
Yes. Any attempts that predate the reset action are not eligible to be counted toward the activity score. For example, consider a student whose Initial Allowed Attempts are 2 and Max Allowed Attempts are 5. Their scores for Attempts 1 and 2 are 80 and 90, respectively. The teacher resets the activity after Attempt 2, and the student earns scores of 30, 40, and 50 on Attempts 3, 4, and 5. The student will be moved on with their highest score post-reset, which is 50.
What happens if the student’s highest quiz attempt score is their pretest attempt?
The pretest score will be counted as the quiz score for that lesson. For example, consider a student with a pretest score of 50 and a max allowed attempts value of 3. If the student’s quiz attempt scores are 20, 30, and 40, the student will receive a quiz score of 50, reflecting the fact that their highest attempt score was the pretest attempt.


The assessment attempts options control the number of attempts a student has on each assessment type (quizzes, tests, and exams). In heritage courses, this is a single course option called Fail Attempts, and it controls the number of attempts on all assessment types.

Assessment attempts options work differently in EdgeEX:

  • The number of attempts can be set differently for quizzes, tests, and exams.
  • Pretest attempts are not included in the number of quiz attempts.
  • There are 2 settings to control attempts:
    • Initial Allowed Attempts: This option is comparable to the Fail Attempts option in heritage courses.
    • Max Allowed Attempts: This option is new to EdgeEX.


Assessment attempts options

The assessment attempts options are as follows:

Option Description Default Availability
Initial Allowed Attempts

The number of attempts a student is allowed before they are blocked and a teacher is alerted.  

When the student exhausts their initial allowed attempts, the assessment will be locked, and the student will appear on the Out of Retakes widget on the Educator Launchpad. The teacher can then determine whether to give the student another retake (which they can do from the Launchpad or the Gradebook) or to move the student on with their highest score. 

Defaults to 2. EdgeEX and heritage courses
Max Allowed Attempts

The total number of attempts allowed before a student is automatically advanced with their highest score.


This value is inclusive of, not in addition to, the Initial Allowed Attempts. For example, a student whose Initial Allowed Attempts is set to 2 and Max Allowed Attempts is set to 3 can fail the assessment twice before they are blocked. Then the teacher can give them 1 more additional attempt. If they fail the assessment after that additional attempt, they will be moved on with their highest score.

Defaults to 99, which means there is no cap on allowed attempts. EdgeEX courses only

Customizing assessment attempts options

For procedures to customize the options of a course, refer to Updating course options.