EdgeEX — Current functionality and releases

EdgeEX courses contain exciting features built to engage students, empower teachers, and provide administrators with flexibility and visibility.

  • Students are engaged with features like personalized study plans and digital, fillable Guided Notes.
  • Teachers are empowered with time saving features like our Educator Launchpad and updated grading workflow that streamline teacher workflows, saving them time and clicks.
  • Administrators are given visibility and flexibility to customize to meet the needs of their educational communities.

Review the following sections for information about:


This section provides information about available courses and courses that will soon be available.

Frequently asked questions about courses

How can I preview the courses that are available for my state?
Visit the Imagine Edgenuity Catalog, available from the EdgeEX preview banner at the top of the Imagine Edgenuity home page (the page you land on when you log in).
If a state-specific version of a course for my state isn't ready yet, can I use the national version?
Districts who should be using state-specific versions should not use the national courses. We need them to use their state versions so that their alignments will be correct.
For a few courses, I see the Honors (HON) versions but I don't see the Credit Recovery (CR) or Initial Credit (IC) versions yet. When will they be available?
Some states have state-specific CR and IC courses but no state-specific HON courses. Those states use the national HON courses. In cases where the national HON courses are published but the state-specific IC and CR versions are not, customers will see the course cards in the Imagine Edgenuity Catalog, but they will only see the HON versions. The IC and CR versions will display there when they are published.

Course availability

Subject Availability
Math High school math courses are available in EdgeEX for all states except West Virginia, which will receive EdgeEX courses for the new 2024 standards this summer.
English Language Arts

High school ELA courses are available in EdgeEX for all states except the following: 

  • Arkansas: Coming in April
  • Georgia: Coming this summer
  • Virginia: Coming this summer
Science High school Biology and Chemistry will be available for select states this summer.
Social Studies High school United States History and World History will be available for select states this summer.
World Language French I and II and Spanish I and II will be available for all states this summer.


Features for students

The following features are available for students now, or, when indicated, will be available in 2024:

  • The new Work Due Today status lets students know they must complete activities today to stay on pace (instead of showing them as behind).
  • If students have unread comments from a teacher, an alert appears on the homepage.
  • Actual Grade calculates by giving zeroes to late, incomplete activities (instead of multiplying Overall Grade by progress ratio).
  • Target progress is based on due dates, eliminating the issue where students sometimes appear behind when an activity spans for multiple days.
Course Map
  • All-new look and feel, accessible, responsive design
  • Unit-level progress bar to break coursework into smaller, more manageable chunks and celebrate more frequent successes
  • Course Report includes Total Active Time
  • Coming in 2024: View lesson objectives and standards
  • Students can add images, tables, and hyperlinks to their eNotes.
Progress overview
  • When released later in 2024, the EdgeEX Progress Overview will include Estimated Time Remaining and Daily Goal.
Content: General
  • Fillable Guided Notes, downloadable from Course Map or from in-activity Notes panel.
  • Enhancement to Free Movement to allow students to navigate freely within activities as well as between them.
  • Course option to allow students to increase video speed up to 2x.
  • Translation enhancements (persistent translation setting) keeps the selected language, translation for video captions, double the number of languages supported.
  • Students can submit projects and other uploaded assignments directly from Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud.
Content: Assessments
  • Students can hide assessment timer.
  • When students complete a Practice Test or Practice Exam (Test Review and Exam Review), they will receive a personalized study plan before the real assessment.
  • Dynamic assessment algorithms have been updated to reduce the frequency that students see the same item multiple times.
  • Ability to specify assessment accommodations in Student Settings and have them apply to all courses for that student.
Content: Math 9–12

The following features are available: 

  • Answer explanations for all Assignments and Assessments.
  • Show Me videos (just-in-time re-teaching) for selected Assignment problems.
Content: English Language Arts 9–12

The following features are available:

  • Side-by-side display of passages and questions instead of passage opening on a separate tab. 
  • A new “What is Plagiarism?” video that plays the first time a student launches a teacher-scored activity, and every 90 days thereafter.
  • Automatic plagiarism and AI detection for all written work.
Content: Science and Social Studies

Courses will include:

  • Social studies courses will feature new interactive timeline activities and Inquiry Lessons.
  • Science courses will include new Virtual Labs powered by best-in-class third-party simulations from PHeT, Explore Learning, and more.
Content: French and Spanish

Updated courses will include:

  • CultureGrams replaced with new culture reading activities.
  • Dynamic tests and exams (item bank updates when you remove a lesson).
  • Multiple small activities combined into fewer larger activities that count toward students' course grades.
  • Updated grammar instruction.
  • Comprehensive updates for accuracy, sensitivity, and variety of task types.
  • Credit recovery versions available with pretesting option.
  • IP Registry
  • SecureLock


Features for educators

Available features

The following features are available for educators now, or, when indicated, will be available in 2024:

Selecting/Provisioning courses
  • EdgeEX introduces an alternative to the Course Management School (CMS): the Imagine Edgenuity Catalog. The Catalog lets administrators preview ALL EdgeEX courses, whether they have licensed them or not, and then select any licensed courses and add them to their district/schools.
  • The Catalog displays key information about each course, including available versions, estimated completion times, and number of teacher-scored activities.
Associating teachers with students
  • EdgeEX courses provide for course sections, a group of students taking the same course, associated with one or more teachers.
  • Administrators can create multiple sections at a time, applying a custom naming convention and assigning teachers with an easy-to-use wizard.
  • Students can easily be transferred from one section to another, allowing them to maintain their work when they move to a new teacher.
Managing courses

The Course Hub provides a single interface for all the actions previously contained in Manage Courses, Course Structures, and Course Customization, as well as new actions not previously available.

  • View active sections and enrollments
  • Customize and preview content
  • Edit course options
  • Download resources (for example, syllabus, scope and sequence, Guided Notes)

Coming later in 2024: Archive/re-enable multiple courses/sections at a time (Imagine Learning can do this on request currently).

Previewing course content

In the EdgeEX Course Hub, educators can easily toggle between the student view and the answer key for any activity in a single interface, previewing not only the activity and its correct answers (for all courses) but also the answer explanations for all Assignments and Assessments in math courses.

With EdgeEX, there is no need to assign a course to oneself in order to preview content the way a student would see it. The interactive player can be launched on full screen from the Course Hub.

Course resources

The Resources tab of the Course Hub includes the option to download dynamic resources, that is, resources that update automatically when the course is customized.

  • Educators can download the scope and sequence, as well as the Guided Notes for a specific course, semester, unit, or lesson.
  • Teachers can also edit the syllabus and download it or (later in 2024) share it with students via the LMS.
  • Syllabi and course descriptions are available for all state-specific courses as well as national ones.
  • All scoring resources are available in the student's grading interface, at point of use.
  • Coming in 2024: View standards alignments.
Course options EdgeEX introduces valuable new course options, including: 
  • Require teachers to unlock pretests
  • Configure all assessment options differently for pretests, quizzes, tests, and exams
  • Allow students to review their work on tests and exams, not just quizzes
  • Cap the maximum number of retakes teachers can give
  • Allow students to increase video playback speed up to 2x
  • Lock courses for students before the start date and/or after the target date
  • Control whether and where students see pacing
  • These options are managed in the student settings for EdgeEX, not the course options for an individual course:
    • Untimed assessments
    • Reduce number of items in assessments
Course customization
  • Changes can be made at the course or section level anytime, even after students have already been enrolled ("in-flight customization").
  • Changes can be made at the District or School level and applied to all Sections and Enrollments of a course. Educators can preview content while they customize.
  • The following customization capabilities are available now:
    • Hide/show activities, lessons, or units for an enrollment, section, school, or district.
    • Reorder activities, lessons, or units.
  • Adding content will be released Summer 2024.
  • Authoring original content will be released Fall 2024.
Identifying student who need attention

The EdgeEX Educator Launchpad displays on the homepage and alerts teachers to which students need attention as soon as they log in.

  • Information about the unit, lesson, and activity that needs attention appears in the Launchpad Quick View.
  • Teachers can take immediate action one student at a time or for an entire group.
  • Selecting a student from the Launchpad brings you directly to the activity that needs to be unblocked or graded.
  • Educators can:
    • Award a score for an activity the student has not yet started.
    • Relock an assessment they unlocked accidentally.
    • Leave rich-text feedback on student work with a symbol palette, equation editor, and emojis.
    • Pass students with their Highest Score on an activity.
  • Coming for BTS 2024:
    • Bypass activity (activities can be customized out in the meantime).
    • View results for in-progress assessments.

EdgeEX-specific reports include:

  • EdgeEX Section Hub: Enrollments Summary
  • EdgeEX Course Report

EdgeEX data also appears in these reports, alongside heritage data:

  • Parent Progress Emails
  • Manage Enrollments
  • Group Progress Report
  • Student Progress Report
  • Snapshots
  • Student Sessions
  • Some Subscription-based Reports

Coming for BTS 2024:

  • EdgeEX Attendance Log
  • Session Log

Coming later in 2024:

  • Multi-student gradebook
  • Family Portal Reporting
  • Action Log (replaces Recent Actions)

Available today:

  • Nightly imports that create student accounts
  • Clever and ClassLink SSO

Available for BTS 2024:

  • Nightly imports that create enrollments in courses

Available Fall 2024 (Beta):

  • Thin Common Cartridge integration with third-party LMSs

SecureLock browser is available.

Coming for BTS 2024:

  • On-demand tutoring

Features that will not be available in 2024

The following features will not be available in EdgeEX in 2024:

Course options
  • Spiral Review is not available in EdgeEX (and is not planned to be).
Identifying students who need attention
  • EdgeEX enrollments do not appear on the Dashboard; they appear on the EdgeEX Launchpad instead.
  • Add Additional Activity
  • Lesson Mastery Report
  • Recent Actions
  • Scores and Activity Review
  • Schedules
  • Instructional Services