EdgeEX course options — Display pacing to students


This set of options is new to EdgeEX. They control whether and where students see information about pacing (whether a student is ahead or behind) on the homepage and the Course Map.



Display pacing to students options

The options are as follows:

Option Description Default Availability
Show Pacing on Homepage and Course Map

When on, students see color-coding and text-based messaging about their pacing status. Students also see a message to indicate whether they behind on the Course Map.

When off, the progress bar is dark grey (no color to indicate pacing) and the text underneath it reads, "You are: xx% complete" with no indication as to whether the students is behind, ahead, on track, or has work due today. The student does not see any messaging about pacing on the Course Map.

Defaults to On. EdgeEX courses only
Show Estimated Completion Time on Course Map

When on, the Course Map displays the Estimated Completion Time for each activity a student has not yet completed.

When off, students only see their Actual Time for the activities they have already completed.

Defaults to On. EdgeEX courses only
Show Due Dates on Course Map

When on, the Course Map displays the due date for each activity. When off, no due dates will display.


Because a student’s Actual Grade averages in zeroes for any activities that are past due, it is not recommended to turn this setting off if the school's primary grade metric is Actual Grade.

Defaults to On. EdgeEX courses only
Show Activities Past Due on Course Map When on, any activities whose due date is in the past displays with an alert icon. When off,  students will not see any indication that an activity is past due (for example, when the due date has passed and the student has not yet submitted the activity). Defaults to On. EdgeEX courses only

Customizing display pacing to students options

For procedures to customize the options of a course, refer to Updating course options.