2017 Release Information

2017-02-09 - View and Filter by IEP Status - In this release, educators have the ability to add, view, and filter by IEP Status. This can help educators group and report on Special Education students; it can also allow educators to filter and then take actions on this group of students in just a few clicks.

2017-03-23 - Bulk-Edit Course Options - Edgenuity now offers the ability to manage most course options in bulk from the Manage Courses page. This new functionality allows permissioned educators to select a group of courses and apply changes to one or more course options to all selected courses. The permission is enabled by default for all administrators; it is disabled for teachers.

2017-04-10 - IP Registry for Educators - With this release, Edgenuity now supports IP Registry for educators. This secure access setting can be configured for both students and educators from the School Settings page by a permissioned school or district administrator. Please note that schools must maintain separate networks for students and educators in order to use this feature.

2017-12-12 - Reviewing Student Work in UpSmart - This release provides an easy way to review student work in UpSmart. This release also removes the Flash player from Courseware and MyPath, making the Edgenuity LMS Flash-free with the exception of Powerspeak. (Previously, even HTML5 Edgenuity content leveraged a Flash-player on desktops and laptops.) This release includes a new permission called “Access student enrollments in other schools,” which can help districts that use multiple school access for students better manage the enrollments that teachers can see. And finally, we have replaced eCommunity with a new Help Center that provides comprehensive resources for Courseware, MyPath, and UpSmart.

2017-11-16 - UpSmart Standards Reporting - This update adds standards-based reporting to UpSmart’s Progress View. Educators can now view progress by standards and skills, in addition to topics and levels. This interactive data display includes an ability to customize the standards set, allowing teachers and administrators to view either state standards and Common Core as desired.