2014 Release Information

2014-1-17 - Active and Idle Time Update - This release improves how we report active and idle time when students fail to log out of Edgenuity or when they refresh their browsers. Students will now be presented with a warning message after 30 minutes of inactivity and auto-logged them out if they do not respond. In this release, we have also removed the VT Standards link.

2014-2-14 - Scoring and Grading Update - In this release, we addressed a number of issues and made enhancements to grading and scoring, including a fix to the issue where essays and uploaded assignments were automatically counting as zeroes toward students’ grades. We also resolved the issue that affected Virtual Tutor strands; now any lessons customized out of the strand will not be assessed on the Diagnostic Pre-test. Also in this release: the addition of question numbers when educators are reviewing work on assessments, a self-service unsubscribe link for parents and guardians, and fixes to ensure eNotes display at the correct times.

2014-4-11 - Save and Exit for Quizzes - This release provides an option to enable Save and Exit for quizzes. Previously available for tests and exams only, the Save and Exit option allows students to exit an assessment and save their work so they can return and complete the assessment at another time. The Hide Viewed Questions option can also be enabled for quizzes.

2014-05-23 - General Update - Students can now access an Attendance Log in the Reports section of the Organizer. Educators can now view unsubmitted essays in the Scores and Activity Review report. Educators also now have access to the read-aloud and translation tools when logged in as students. Finally, the Selected Student area now automatically updates to reflect the focus of the Session Log or Recent Actions report.

2014-06-05 - New Educator User Interface - Edgenuity is excited to announce our new user interface for educators. The new interface features a clean look and feel and a tabbed navigation that groups related tasks together for ease of use. In addition, the new interface provides additional functionality not available in the “classic view”. These features include: a Quick Search for students from the Students tab, easy access to the selected student’s Attendance/Session Log from the Selected Student tab, and a new course option that allows students to move freely in a course.

2014-06-20 - Lesson Mastery Report - This release includes two new features: an enhanced Manage Announcements function, and a new report called the Lesson Mastery Report. The new Lesson Mastery report is designed to help educators identify and group struggling students, view class performance across lessons, and estimate lesson and activity time.

2014-08-28 – Assorted Updates – This release contains a number of small but important enhancements. Most importantly, students’ external ID numbers now appear in the Dashboard export, in order to facilitate easier and more flexible use of that data. In addition, we have added the ACT College and Career Readiness standards and the ACT QualityCore standards to the state drop-down list on the Standards Alignment page; to locate these standards, choose AC from the state menu. We have also addressed a number of bugs to improve the student and educator experiences in Edgenuity.