2016 Release Information

2016-03-30 - v5 Only - District and School Settings Plus New Permissions - We have moved the Manage Schedules and District Calendar links to the newly designed District Settings page. Our School Settings page also features a new look, as we prepare these pages to house new future functionality that will allow permissioned users to manage additional district and school settings. This release also includes two new permissions: Enable Course (to re-enable a course that is currently marked disabled) and Mark Course Incomplete (to re-enable a course that is currently marked complete).

2016-04-07 - v5 Only - Customize Course In Flight - In this release, permissioned educators can now remove content from courses with in-flight enrollments. Changes will flow through to all enrollments for the course. In addition, it is now possible to customize a course over multiple sessions without creating a new copy of the course. Finally, this release also includes a download of student activity (including time and scores) from the student's archived course list, allowing educators to access scores and activity data without re-enabling a student's course.

2016-04-21 - v5 Only - Manage Courses and More - This platform release contains a new Manage Courses page featuring search, additional filters, and the ability to batch-archive courses. It also contains a feature to block students from opening multiple tabs on Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, and EDGE while they are in assessments and other activities. Finally, with this release, students can upload projects, lab reports, and performance tasks from iCloud when working on iPad devices.

2016-05-19 - v5 Only - Manage Enrollments - This release includes a new page: Manage Enrollments. With this page, found in the Courses tab, educators can filter a comprehensive enrollment list by school, subject, progress and pacing, course grade, and more. Then educators can take action on all enrollments in the filtered list: mark them complete, disable them, or change start and/or target dates.

2016-06-02 - v5 Only - Assign Teachers to Courses and More - With this release, permissioned educators can now assign teachers to specific courses and, if desired, limit teachers' access to view only students enrolled in the courses they are assigned. This release also includes a new Manage Educators page, currently in Beta, that allows users to archive educator accounts and manage educator permissions in bulk. In addition, we have added a new permission to govern who can perform Teacher Review and have enhanced the Recent Actions report to show when specific educators completed Teacher Reviews for students. This release also includes a change to the Attendance Log: time is now reported and summed in seconds, rather than minutes.

2016-07-14 - v5 Only - Manage Students (Beta) - With this release, a new Manage Students page (currently in Beta) allows educators to add students to groups, change grade levels, promote students to the next grade level, archive and re-enable students, and manage student settings (i.e., translation, text-to-speech, and whether the orientation video is required) in bulk. Other functionality for managing students still resides on the legacy Manage Students page, so both pages will be maintained for a period of time.

2016-09-08 - v5 Only - District and School Settings, Add/Update Educator - With this release, you can view and manage district and school settings with updates to the District Settings and School Settings pages, manage default permissions for educators by role, and add and update educators with options to set and modify profile information, school access, and permissions.

2016-09-22 - v5 Only - Gradebook, Bulk-Enroll Students in Courses, District Settings Update - Edgenuity is pleased to announce the release of our new Gradebook, which provides a traditional gradebook view of scores and progress for all students taking a specific course. This version 5 release also includes the ability to bulk-enroll students in one or more courses at a time from the Manage Students Beta page and some enhancements to the District Settings functionality.