2019 Release Information

2019-12-03 - Manage Students and UpSmart Due Dates: Manage Students Beta and Manage Students have now been combined into one user-friendly page to help make managing student accounts even easier. The Help Center has been updated to reflect these changes. Also in this release, the UpSmart Program Progress report now displays topic due dates when a class is selected in the Class filter.

2019-10-30 - Student Progress Overview: Students can easily monitor course progress and grades within each course by visiting the Progress Overview report. This report is an update to the Student Progress Report, and currently displays information about course assignments and grades.

2019-08-27 - New IP Registry Option and Support for Special Characters: Edgenuity schools that use IP Registry have a new option when secure access is enabled for students. In addition to only allowing students to access to Edgenuity content while on campus, or working off-campus on instruction and assignments, administrators can also now allow students to complete quizzes and pretests off-campus. World Language educators can now leave written feedback on student assignments that includes foreign language characters.

2019-08-08 - Audio Recordings and Teacher Feedback: Now available in addition to written feedback, Edgenuity educators can record, edit, and save audio feedback on student assignments in any Edgenuity course. In the Edgenuity World Language courses, students can record, edit, and save audio responses during the speaking activities. This audio recording feature utilizes the microphone functionality already built into the most common, supported browsers, making setup a breeze!

2019-07-25 - Guided Notes for Students and Relative Grade Update: We are pleased to announce Guided Notes are now available for students! These are only accessible through the new Student Experience, so now is a great time to consider transitioning so your students can take advantage of these helpful resources. Administrators can follow these very simple instructions for enabling the new Student Experience. Although they are enabled for all students by default, the release notes explain how to disable Guided Notes for student enrollments, individual courses, or multiple courses. 

Also released was a minor update to how the Relative Grade is calculated. If you use this grade metric at your school or district, you can read more about the update in the release notes, and learn more about Relative Grade in this article explaining the three grade metrics available in Edgenuity.

2019-07-11 - Standards-Based Searching, Guided Notes, and World Language Course Updates: We are pleased to announce the release of three helpful features to personalize learning for your students. With standards-based searching, you can now customize courses by searching our robust library of standards-based lessons. Guided Notes are now available for many of our high school courses, and you have early access to preview them before your students. Powerspeak courses will be available natively from within the Edgenuity LMS, eliminating the need for World Language teachers to manage these courses from the Powerspeak LMS.

2019-03-21 - Adding a Student and Updates to UpSmart: To simplify educator tasks, the Manage Student Beta page now contains functionality that supports the ability to add student accounts in Edgenuity. In UpSmart, students in the gold level of any Language Arts program can now access all of the writing prompts. Also in UpSmart, enhancements to the Program Assessments report are now available.

2019-03-12 - Manage Students Beta and Course Customization: To streamline educator tasks, the Manage Students Beta page now contains functionality that supports the management of student accounts in Edgenuity. In the customization tool, Educators now have the option to Deselect or Select All content.

2019-02-07 - Manage Announcements and Manage Courses Legacy: This release brings a number of new enhancements. Legacy Manage Courses View is now removed, Manage Announcements is now a permission feature, uncounted assignments now show as completed for students, Additional Activities are included in the Course Report, and educators can now easily create a user group of all students enrolled in a specific course.

2019-02-04 - Manage Educators and UpSmart Gold Level: The Manage Educators beta is now officially live! All functionality from the beta page is now found on the Manage Educators page, located under the Administration tab. If you are an Edgenuity admin responsible for managing other educators, you'll want to check out the release notes. This release also brings an additional class option to UpSmart to allow the Gold Level to be optional for your students.

2019-01-15 - UpSmart Preview Topics and Student Notes Field: This release brings some exciting news to our UpSmart teachers! You can now preview the content within each UpSmart topic. Additionally, all educators can add even more notes to your student profiles - the character limit of the notes field has increased to 10K. Click the link above to read more about these updates.