2013 Release Information

2013-04-11 - Disabling Vocab Interactives - In this release, we have removed the Vocabulary Interactive feature from the Course Options page.

2013-08-02 - Hide Viewed Questions - In this release, we have changed the “Hide Answered Questions” option to “Hide Viewed Questions” so that once students have looked at a question, they must answer it. After a Save and Exit, all the questions a student has viewed previously will be locked even if they have been left blank. This provides the best assurances of academic integrity.

2013-08-14 - v4.5 Educator Experience - This release includes a new Scores and Activity Review report and the ability to leave written feedback for students on any activity, as well as an update to eCommunity and several other minor changes.

2013-08-14 - v4.5 Student Experience - This update includes significant enhancements to the student experience, including redesign and rebranding from e2020 to Edgenuity, tablet compatibility, a new Lesson Support Pane with the ability to format eNotes and look up any word, captioning and transcripts for most courses, and a new Scores and Feedback area of the Organizer to allow students to access all teacher feedback from one location. For educators, a new Scores and Activity Review page allows teachers to review student work, modify scores, and provide feedback on any activity. Some course options have been removed in this update: Enforce Activity Times, Enable Let’s Check-In Questions, Enable Vocabulary Interactives, and Set Time Limit for Lab Assessments. Curriculum Resources for ELA, math, science, and social studies have been added to eCommunity in the Classroom Resources section.

2013-09-04 - MAP-Informed Learning Paths - Edgenuity and Northwest Evaluation Association™ (NWEA™) have partnered to create a new reading and mathematics solution for students in grades 6–12. This integration, which combines Edgenuity’s instruction and NWEA’s nationally recognized MAP® assessment, must be purchased separately.

2013-09-20 - General Update - In this update, we modified the navigation in the Scores and Activity Review report, restored the video source information button, and extended the educator timeout period to 90 minutes. We also modified the integration with the Powerspeak world language courses so that progress is automatically saved.

2013-09-27 - Attempt Organization in Gradebook - This release improves the Gradebook by organizing gradebook records by the attempt. In addition, we have updated the Fitness Log with a PDF that contains editable fields and extended the student automatic timeout to 90 minutes.

2013-12-06 - General Update - In this release, we restored the “Report an Issue” functionality when an educator is viewing student results on an assessment. We also implemented a maximum date range for target dates, fixed a bug with the Change Score button displaying for certain activities, and refined permissions for our integrated NWEA solution.