2015 Release Information

2015-02-06 - Educator View of Student Fitness Log - With this release, teachers can view students' Fitness Logs without logging into the student view. Fitness Logs can be accessed from the Manage Students page or from an individual student's Courses page.

2015-04-10 - Password Security and New User Grids - This release includes enhanced security and user management. Passwords are now encrypted and no longer visible on-screen. Educators and students with associated email addresses can use a self-service Forgot Your Password? feature to reset their password. Educators with permission can reset passwords for students and other educators and impersonate student or educator accounts. In addition, the Manage Students, Manage User Groups and Manage Teachers pages have been updated for improved usability.

2015-05-07 - Change Student and Educator Password - With this release, educators with permission can directly change passwords for students and other educators, without generating a temporary password and without requiring the user to change their password upon login.

2015-09-01 - IP Address Registry - With this release, Administrators can enable a new IP Address Registry feature to ensure that students are logging into Edgenuity only from approved locations. Administrators can choose to enable the IP Address Registry to replace Virtual Classroom Secure Station, which will no longer function in Chrome after Google stops supporting Java in September 2015.