Grading a Project, Performance Task, or Lab from the Dashboard

Use this page to access an essay, project, performance task, or lab to grade via the Dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can you leave a comment without grading the activity?

Yes. The student will see there is a comment on his/her screen when entering the course map.

  1. On the main menu, select Dashboard.
  2. By default, the Progress tab will be selected.
  3. All the students are listed here with each class in which they are enrolled. Filter to see a particular set of students. With each filter, click Apply.
  4. Choose the information desired on the screen by using the display options.
  5. Sort in different ways to be able to interpret the data.
  6. Any student who has a yellow alert icon has an item for the teacher to grade. Left-click on the icon.


    Learn more about the other alerts.

  7. Select Review.
  8. Any activity needing action, YES is displayed under Action Required. Click on the row to view.


    Essays, Projects, or Labs would also be displayed here.

  9. The lesson should be expanded already with the item highlighted. If not, expand the unit and lesson of the essay needing graded. The activities within the submitted essay are listed.
  10. Click Performance Task. For a project, the activity will start with Project: and a lab report will have Lab:.


    To find out about all the actions an educator can take, click here.

  11. Click the attempt.
  12. The grading window will appear. Click the link under Instructional resources to view the original document.
  13. Click the link submitted by the student to grade under Submitted files.
  14. The answer key is in the course documents. To find that, click here
  15. Place a score in the Give Score box. Click Submit Score


    The system reads the number placed in the score box as a percentage. If the student receives a 23/25 (92%), then put 92 in the box.

  16. To provide comments, write them in the Comments box. Click Update Comments.
  17. Exit out of the window when finished.