EdgeEX — Getting started with Course, Section, and Enrollment Hubs

Imagine EdgeEX courses are organized into hubs that make it easy to manage your courses: the Course Hub, the Section Hub, and the Enrollment Hub. Each hub provides educators with the tools they need to successfully navigate the EdgeEX course from adding a course to a district or school, to creating sections of courses and assigning teachers to them, to grading student work for a course.

This article provides an overview of the hubs and how they are related to each other.


This short video provides a visual demonstration of the hubs.

Course, Section, and Enrollment Hubs

The Course, Section, and Enrollment Hubs make up the hierarchy of EdgeEX courses.

Course Hub

The Course Hub is the broadest level: it shows all available sections and can be accessed at the district or school level. It allows administrators to review content, update course options, and review resources about the course. From a course, administrators create unique sections for each teacher. When course content is customized or options are updated, the changes can be pushed to sections of a class. To learn more about the Course Hub, refer to the Course Hub overview.

Section Hub

At the middle level is the Section Hub: it shows only a single section. A section is an instance of a course associated with a teacher, a term type, and a timeframe. Some sections might also represent a period for teachers who have more than one section of the same course. Teachers access the Section Hub to manage the sections they have been assigned. Sections are created and assigned to teachers by administrators.

To learn more about sections, refer to the Sections overview.

To learn more about the Section Hub, refer to the Section Hub overview.

Enrollment Hub

The Enrollment Hub is the narrowest view, showing a single enrollment within a single section. Teachers access the Enrollment Hub to manage individual student enrollments within each section, including accessing the student's Grades tab to review and score submitted work from each student. To learn more, refer to the Enrollment Hub overview.

Navigating within EdgeEX

The breadcrumbs at the top of each EdgeEX page provide an at-a-glance reminder of what hub you are in.

To return to any previous page, click the applicable breadcrumb.