EdgeEX — Getting started for administrators


To perform administrator tasks, you must have the applicable permissions. For a list of EdgeEX permissions, reference EdgeEX — Permissions. To check your permissions, reference Checking your educator permissions.

Use the steps in this quick guide to get started with EdgeEX:

Step Action Related articles
1 Log in to Imagine Edgenuity as usual. Logging in to Imagine Edgenuity

Preview the available EdgeEX courses.

Previewing a course in the Imagine Edgenuity Catalog


Select the courses you want to use for your district.

Adding a course to the District Catalog


Customize course information and options.


Select the courses you want to use for your schools.

Adding a course to the School Catalog


Create course sections and assign teachers to them.

Creating sections of a course


Enroll students in courses as usual.