EdgeEX — Previewing course content in the Section Hub

Use this article to learn how to preview course content the way a student would see it.

  1. Access the Section Hub.
  2. Click the Content tab.
  3. Click Course Structure.
  4. Click the activity whose content you wish to preview.
  5. Click the Full Screen icon in the top right to expand the screen.
  6. Preview the content as a student would view it.
    Feature Description Image
    Top Navigation Bar
    Show Answers Toggle Show Answers on to view the answers. This option only displays for educators. ShowAnswers.png
    Comments Coming soon - The Comments icon allows students to view comments from the teacher. Comments.png
    Feedback Click the Feedback icon to view the feedback, answer explanations, and show-me videos that students see when they get an incorrect answer. ShowMe.png
    Resources Click the Resources icon to view student resources such as the eNotes, Glossary, and Transcript. Resources.png
    Left Navigation Bar
    Highlighter Students can choose from 4 colors when highlighting important text. Highlighter.png
    Read-Aloud When this feature is enabled, students can hear text read aloud to them in English or the language of their choice. Once a student has changed the language in the Translation box below, they can click the headphones icon and listen to the read-aloud in their chosen language. Read-aloud.png

    When this feature is enabled, students can translate any text on screen to over 130 different languages, with some exceptions. The following do not translate from English: 

    • Pages that span the whole site (for example, the activity score screen, assessment launch screen, and conclusion screen)
    • Titles (for example, course title, lesson title, activity titles)
    • Text on buttons
    • Text in interactive activities
    • Text in an image or video; however, video captions do translate
    Calculator Click the Calculator icon to access the calculators available for the course. Calculator-StandardGraphing.png
    Bottom Navigation Bar
    Lesson pages and arrows On the bottom navigation, use the arrows and numbers to move through the activity. LessonPagesandArrows.png
  7. Click the Exit icon to return to the Section Hub.