SecureLock Browser overview

Imagine Learning wants to support schools in preserving academic integrity by instituting a feature, free of charge, that prevents the student's browser from allowing certain actions when they are working in Imagine Edgenuity. When enabled, the SecureLock Browser feature prevents students from activities such as:

  • Opening new windows and browsers.
  • Copying and pasting.
  • Creating tabs in existing browsers.
  • Navigating anywhere outside of Imagine Edgenuity.

Students can still access other features, such as online content and guided notes.

SecureLock Browser can be set up at the district or school level. It works best with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. It can be deployed to managed devices in Active Directory, Microsoft Entune, Google Admin Console, and mobile device management platforms such as Jamf.

Requesting SecureLock Browser functionality

If you would like to add this service to your school or district, please complete the following:

  1. Create an email addressed to
  2. In the subject line, type SecureLock Browser Request.
  3. In the body of the email, state that you'd like more information about SecureLock Browser.

A member of the Sales Engineering team will contact you to schedule a call to discuss SecureLock Browser.

Other academic integrity solutions

A district can also enable Imagine Edgenuity’s IP Registry feature to limit student access to assessments outside of the school network. This allows students to complete work at home and skip over quizzes, tests, and exams; these assessments are automatically presented when the student returns to school. Or, if the customer prefers, they can block students from accessing Imagine Edgenuity at all unless they are on a school network. When you speak with our sales engineering team, they will discuss this option with you as well.

Frequently asked questions

What is SecureLock Browser?

SecureLock Browser is a set of instructions we provide to districts to support academic integrity. In a SecureLock Browser experience, students have access to the Imagine Edgenuity web-based application but will not be able to access other websites while logged in to their Imagine Edgenuity account.


SecureLock Browser is not an Imagine Edgenuity-created product and is not maintained by Imagine Edgenuity. It is an implementation model that leverages publicly available technology best practices to prevent students from freely navigating the Web. 

What are the benefits of SecureLock Browser?
  • Provides increased academic integrity with Imagine Edgenuity implementations.
  • Keeps students focused and improves progress.
  • Easy for school IT staff to deploy and maintain.
  • Zero cost to deploy.
  • Teachers can spend more time teaching and supporting students rather than policing student activity.
  • Prevents students from doing the following while working on Imagine Edgenuity content:
    • Opening new windows and browsers.
    • Copying and pasting.
    • Creating tabs in existing browsers.
    • Navigating anywhere aside from the Imagine Edgenuity product.
  • Allows students to work from home, yet requires them to take assessments at school where they can be proctored.
  • Can be implemented at any brick-and-mortar school site using Imagine Edgenuity products.
  • Does not require a hardware purchase from Imagine Edgenuity. School sites can still provide internet access to students when necessary.
How is SecureLock Browser rolled out to students?

The district or school’s IT staff creates a single Imagine Edgenuity profile that students must use to log in to district-owned hardware. This profile will be the only way students can access Edgenuity either through the standard login page, district portal, or SSO access. The profile also prevents students from accessing any other website or program.

What happens when a student encounters an Online Content link and can no longer navigate back to the course?

The student will need to press CTRL + F4 to navigate back to the course.

Why are some links having issues when the SecureLock feature is enabled?

Ensure all links required for a course has been added to your school's Allowed URLs list.

Can the SecureLock Browser be toggled on and off?

No, this is not a feature that can be toggled.

Can exceptions be made for some students?

No. You cannot remove individual students from the SecureLock Browser.