Setting an IP Registry for Students

The IP Registry security feature allows schools to prevent students from logging into Edgenuity from outside the school’s network (also referred to as No Access IP Registry). Edgenuity also offers IP Registry for Instruction and Assignments only which allows students to complete Instruction and Assignments off school grounds, but not assessments. The third option builds off the previous one, but with the addition of pretests and quizzes. All other forms of assessments are blocked. If the system bypasses an assessment for a student working at home, the student will automatically be presented with that assessment when he or she returns to school.

IP Registry rules apply to the student's home school. Enrollments in another school should respect the home school setting. So, if a student's home school does not have IP Registry, the student should not have activities blocked.

To enable IP Registry, school IT staff can follow the steps below to enter the IP addresses (or ranges) of the firewall or edge router that represents their network’s gateway to the internet. Exceptions can be added for individual students as needed, including those who are homebound.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are lab assessments blocked when IP Registry is enabled?
No. Lab assessments are always available, even when IP Registry is enabled.
If a student has a school-issued laptop and they are logging in to Imagine Edgenuity from home, is access blocked if IP Registry is enabled?
Yes. The student is blocked because their home network address is different from the school's network address, even though it is a school-issued computer. This applies whether the student is logging in directly to Imagine Edgenuity or using a single sign-on such as Classlink or Clever.
If IP Registry is enabled to allow access to Instruction and Assignment activities, what happens when students reach the assessments?
Assessments are temporarily and automatically bypassed, allowing students to move on to the next instruction or assignment in the course. When the student logs in again from a registered IP address, the bypassed assessments are unlocked, sending the student back in the course to complete any skipped assessments.
Are there any courses that are not supported through IP Registry?
The AP World Language Courses and Sophia Dual Credit courses are fully accessible, even when IP Registry is enabled. All other courses are supported by IP Registry.


To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Manage Secure Student Access"  checked under District and School Settings. To validate your permissions, click here.

  1. Under the Administration tab, select School Settings.
  2. Select the Secure Access tab.
  3. Click Edit under the Student Access Controls box.
  4. Click IP Address Registry under the drop-down menu.
  5. In the second drop-down menu, choose the option you want for your students. 
    • No Access – students will have no access to Edgenuity when off-campus.
    • Instruction and Assignments – students can access Instruction and Assignments, but cannot access Pretests, Quizzes, Tests, Prescriptive Tests, VT diagnostics, and Exams.
    • Instruction, Assignments, Pretests and Quizzes - students can access Instruction, Assignments, Pretests and Quizzes, but cannot access Tests, Exams, Prescriptive Tests, or VT diagnostics.
  6. Click Configure IP Address Registry.
  7. On the IP Address Registry tab, click Add IP Address.
  8. Enter the IP Address for your school. If you have a range of addresses in the same octet, just enter the ending address in the Range box.


    If you are going to set up IP Registry for students and educators, have your local network configured to have separate subnets to separate the users connecting with them.

  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Save.