Managing Enrollments Overview

The Manage Enrollments page provides a view of enrollments for courses you teach, courses in your school (for School Administrators), or courses in your district (for District Administrators). You can use the Manage Enrollments page to find enrollments that meet certain criteria, mark those enrollments complete or disabled, and change start and target dates for those enrollments.

Accessing Manage Enrollments

Under the Students tab, click Manage Enrollments.

Features of the Manage Enrollments Page

The following are the features of the Manage Enrollments page: 



Items Description
Settings Menu These three options allow a user to export data, customize the columns that display on the page, and expand the view of the page. 
Status Tabs Determine the courses to view based on their status: active, completed, or disabled. View the Action History tab to review a history of bulk actions that have been taken on courses.
Search Bar If you know the title of the course or the name or student ID of the student, search for it here. Use the Advanced field to exclude courses from the search.
Filters Narrow down a search using the filters. 

User Permissions

Managing enrollments is governed by a number of permissions. To review permissions related to managing educator accounts, review Roles and Permissions.

Using Filters to Find Enrollments that Meet Certain Criteria

You can apply filters individually or in combination to find enrollments that meet your criteria. For useful tips for applying filters, review Filter Suggestions for Managing Enrollments.

Changing Start and Target Dates

Imagine Edgenuity tracks student pacing — whether students are on track or behind in the course — by comparing the student’s progress in the course with target progress (where the student should be). To determine the course’s target progress, the start and target dates must be accurate. When an enrollment is created, start and target dates both default to the date of enrollment. Unless the target date is adjusted to the future date by which the course should be completed, target progress (and thus pacing) cannot be determined.

To change start and target dates, review the following:

If you want to change both dates, use the Change Dates button. Changing both dates at the same time ensures that the batch process is executed such that there won’t be a period of time where one date has been updated but the other hasn’t. This could potentially confuse students and parents who see the student’s pacing display during the brief time before the second date is updated. For steps, review Setting Start and Target Dates for Multiple Courses.

Additional Manage Enrollment Actions

In addition to changing dates, there are several additional available actions on the Manage Enrollments page, including viewing and changing enrollment status. To find out how to complete an action and any required permissions, use the following links: