Actions for Active Enrollments

The following describes each action available to educators on the Manage Enrollments page.

  • Depending on your permissions and the enrollments selected, you may not see all of these options.
  • Some actions are available for only one enrollment, while others can be applied to multiple enrollments in bulk as listed below.


Action Single Course Bulk Course Description
Change Dates big_check.png big_check.png Alter the start and target dates at once. 
Change Start Date big_check.png big_check.png Alter the start date of enrollment.
Change Target Date big_check.png big_check.png Alter the target completion date of enrollment.
Customize big_check.png big_x.png Modify content in the selected course.
Disable big_check.png big_check.png A student no longer needs to complete the course. One reason may be the student was assigned a course on accident.
Mark Complete big_check.png big_check.png A student has completed his/her course.