Managing Enrollments- Page Options- Headers

The Manage Enrollments page provides a view of enrollments for courses an educator teaches, courses in the school (for School Administrators), or courses in the district (for District Administrators). Utilize this page to find enrollments that meet certain criteria, mark those enrollments complete or disabled, and change start and target dates for those enrollments. 

The columns can be changed depending on what data is desired. To change them, simply click the gear icon, located on the top, right corner of the screen.



Column Header Description
Course's School The name of the school the course is found in. 
Student's Grade Level This is the grade of the student.
ELL The student's ELL status. 
User ID The student's user ID.
External ID The external ID provided by the school or district on the student's profile page.
Enrollment ID Edgenuity's course code for each individual student used for research and troubleshooting.
External Course Code For clients with integration, or for personal tracking, this code is a unique identifier for a school's course.
Teachers The teacher(s) assigned to that enrollment. 
Subject The type of course of study
Series The type of product series the course falls in.
Target Progress The ratio of days elapsed to available working days in a course
Progress The percentage of a course that is completed, weighted by time 
Pacing The difference between the target completion percentage and the student's actual progress. 
Overall Grade The weighted average of the activities a student has completed in the course.
Relative Grade The grade that the student would receive if he/she stopped working and received 0% for all unfinished activities.
Actual Grade The overall grade adjusted for progress if the student is behind.
Active Time The time a student spends making progress in a course
Date Enrolled The date the student was assigned to a course.
Start Date If set, it is the date the student is expected to start the course.
Target Date If set, it is the date that student is anticipated to complete the course. 
First Gradebook Entry The date the student first started the coursework
Last Gradebook Entry This date represents the last time the student last accessed an activity in the course.
Essay Status Informs a user of an ungraded essay
Edition The version of the course. 
STBID Also known as the student build ID, this is a unique identifier for each student's course enrollment. This is used by Edgenuity's support team for research purposes