Managing Enrollments- Export Enrollment Data

This feature allows an educator to download the information from the Manage Enrollments page into a spreadsheet.

To follow the steps, you will need to have "Download Enrollment Data" checked under Student Enrollments. To validate your permissions, click here.

Frequently asked questions

If teachers do not have the See All Courses and Students permission, are they limited to downloading only the enrollments they have permission to view?
Yes. Teachers who have the Download Enrollment Data permission but not the See All Courses and Students permission will only be able to download the data for enrollments they have permission to view.

Exporting enrollment data

The educator will need to decide which enrollments to export before the export can take place. The options are: 

  • Include the Active Enrollments
  • Include Archived Enrollments with a Start Date*
  • Include Archived Enrollments with an Archived Date

*This is the date assigned to the course as the Start Date.

Find four reports that can be downloaded:


Exporting Assignments to be Graded Report Exporting Not Started or Completed Report
Exporting Start of School Year Report Exporting Student Pacing Report