Suggestions to Improve Student Progress

Use this table to find ideas on how to help students improve their course progress. 


Possible Reason How to Verify Solutions
Student is not aware of what is required for being on track for course completion. Observe the student and then conference with them regarding their progress.
  • Encourage use of the Assignment Calendar.
  • Help set daily/weekly student goals and provide incentives and consequences for completion rates.
  • Establish course completion expectations both for the class as well as for individual students.
  • Make sure there is a Start Date and Target Date for the student’s course(s).
Student is not passing their end of lesson quizzes and is retaking them numerous times. Look in the Gradebook for the number of quiz attempts and the time spent on each attempt.
  • Establish a retake policy with a maximum number of retakes.
  • Remediate lesson content: insert a lower level Supplemental Learning Activity in-between assessment attempts.
  • Change the Quiz Review Method in the Edit Options page to Questions and Student Answers or Questions and Correct Answers.
  • Use the Change Assignment Grade override option in the Gradebook after working with student to correct answers.
  • Use the Pass with Grade option in the Gradebook to assign the highest assessment grade or to average multiple attempts.
  • Review the Gradebook for student effort on other assignments. Reset Practice/Homework, Vocabulary and/or Lecture activities.
  • Work with the student or pair them with another student who is competent in course material to help better prepare them for their assessments.
  • Encourage the use of eNotes and/or written notes for vocabulary/lecture and check often to verify that the student is taking notes. Reset lectures as needed to redirect efforts.
Students must wait to take assessments while the teacher reviews class work. Observe the student and then conference with them regarding their progress.
  • Develop a procedure for students to communicate with the teacher when ready for an assessment.
Gradebook records contain long time spans between assignments.
  • Encourage students to review, improve and summarize their eNotes while they wait.
Time allotted to complete the course is not realistic. Check student’s Edit Options page for assigned Start/Target dates.
  • Ensure Start and Target Dates are correctly assigned; adjust if necessary.
Check the Attendance log for student logon time and effort.
  • Compare estimated time to complete the course against the time available for students to work in the Virtual Classroom.
Student is not logging in and working on courses. Review their Attendance Log for log in times, duration and completion effort.
  • Set reasonable goals for student’s time on task and provide incentives and/or consequences.
Student is not on-task during class time. Observe the student and then conference with them regarding their progress.
  • Redirect students to the task at hand.
  • Establish guidelines for classroom behavior with incentives and/or consequences.
Review the student’s Progress Report and Assignment Calendar.
  • Develop a classroom contract that students and parents complete at the start of the program.