Reading Scaffolds

We provide tools to help students, no matter their limitations, be successful in our courses through the use of our scaffolds. Learn more about them here.

Throughout Edgenuity’s ELA, math, science, and social studies courses, students will find read-aloud and translation tools to support the reading of lesson transcripts, directions in assignments, and more. When students are asked to read complex texts independently, they do so in the CloseReader™, which supports active and close reading of texts.

The CloseReader includes a number of tools and scaffolds to support students. Readings contain teacher’s notes to provide relevant background information and to draw students’ attention to important details. Audio commentary at strategic points prompts students to pay attention to certain details as they are reading. And to further encourage the active and close reading of the text, embedded comprehension questions give students an opportunity to check for understanding and comprehension.

To help students build their academic vocabulary, contextual definitions are provided for key vocabulary words. Students can use the dictionary to look up additional words that they may not know. The CloseReader also provides digital highlighters so students can mark up important concepts and details on-screen. Students can also take notes, record observations, and question the text using the digital sticky note.

Finally, to ensure all students can access the content, on-screen text can be translated into more than 60 languages. Students can also hear the text read aloud in seven of those languages, providing the right level of language support for English language learners and students with special needs.