Starting and Target Date (Definition)

There is an option to assign a time frame to the enrollments for students to work on their courses. This is done by setting the start and target dates.

Setting these dates provides students with access to an important assignment calendar tool which can help them stay on track for completing their coursework on time. This step is also highly recommended, but not required, to provide accurate data reports - especially if the school or district follows a specific schedule each semester. In addition, not changing the dates removes pacing, actual grade, target progress, due dates, and "overdue" or "behind" alerts.



By default, start and target dates are set to equal the date of enrollment and will need to be changed in order to set the time frame.


To find out how to edit the start and target dates, use one of the following links: 

Edit the Course Options for a Student Edit the Course Options for a Single Course Edit the Course Options for Multiple Courses