Allow Save/Exit on Assessments (Definition)

This option allows students to complete the assessment over multiple class sessions. It is particularly useful if students do not have enough class time to complete the assessment.

With this feature enabled, there is no limit to the number of times a student can save the assessment. Another benefit is that when this option is enabled, after the student clicks Save and Exit, an educator can view a student's assessment and see the student's answers along with the correct answers before the student submits the assessment for grading. This allows the teacher to assist the student before grading, if needed.


Keep in mind that each assessment has a time limit. The Save and Exit feature essentially pauses the timer when students click the Save and Exit button, and they will be allowed to pick up right where they left off. For example, if a student saves a test and has 25 minutes left to complete it, when he or she returns to the test, the timer will start counting down at 25 minutes.

Learn about Hide Viewed Assessment Questions here.

Prescriptive tests fall into the exam option.