Default Review Timeout Length (Definition)

This feature will be used for all Teacher Reviews and unlocks the assessment for a designated period of time. If the student doesn’t begin the assessment before the review timeout, the student will be locked out from the assessment and the educator will need to complete the review again. This feature is important in trying to pace the students. For example, if there are only 45 minutes left in class, the students need to start the assessment to have enough time to finish it. Keep in mind that if the time is left at 0 minutes, it unlocks the assessment indefinitely, so students can start the assessment any time after the review is complete.

Here is an example of Teacher Review and Default Review Timeout Length used in conjunction:

  • Let’s assume the default review timeout length is set to 5 minutes for tests. An educator wants the students to start their assessments right away, so he/she think 5 minutes is sufficient time for the students to get started.
  • A student reaches the first test assessment, receives the alert that a teacher review is needed, and she is locked out from taking the test.
  • An educator reviews the student’s work and is ready to complete the review and unlock the test.
  • Once the assessment is unlocked, the student has 5 minutes to begin the test. She is reviewing her notes and loses track of time, and doesn't try to take the test for 10 minutes.
  • She encounters the alert indicating that an educator review is required, and she is locked out of the test again. The educator will need to unlock the assessment once more so that she can begin the test.