Prescriptive Testing (Definition)

Prescriptive testing works by generating an assessment that the student takes at the very beginning of the course. As such, it can only be enabled before the student has started the course. This assessment is generated automatically, selecting one question from each lesson in the course. If the student answers a question correctly, the corresponding lesson is automatically customized out of the course. This test does not count towards a grade or progress, so if a student earns 100% on it, there will be no graded activities for him/her to complete. Also, if a student has already started a course, prescriptive testing is no longer an option. 

This feature is dynamic in that the final exams will only cover the material the student had to complete in the course. The lessons a student tested out of will not be assessed on the exam. 


If prescriptive testing is turned on, but there aren't any lessons with quizzes, then this feature will be bypassed. In the case of a course where quizzes are included but there are some lessons without quizzes, then students will take a prescriptive test for those lessons with quizzes. The lessons without quizzes will be automatically assigned to the student.

Prescriptive tests cannot be reset, so you will need to disable the enrollment for the student and then re-enroll the student in the course.  


Prescriptive Testing will not work on eDynamic Learning courses, World Language courses, or any course imported from Imagine Odysseyware. It also does not work on courses that do not have quizzes, such as the Career Pathways series.


Please keep in mind that prescriptive testing only includes one question per lesson, which is not a valid or reliable measure of whether a student has mastered the lesson content. For this reason, Edgenuity does not recommend using the prescriptive testing setting. We strongly encourage schools to use pretesting (which uses 10 questions per lesson) instead.

To find out how to enable/disable prescriptive testing, use one of the following links: 

Edit the Course Options for a Student Edit the Course Options for a Single Course Edit the Course Options for Multiple Courses



When Prescriptive Tests are enabled, you can also set it for Teacher Review at a course or student level.