Managing Courses Overview

Work with the courses in your school or district on the Manage Courses page. You can:

  • Search for courses by keyword or by using one or more filters. 
  • Customize the page view to include or exclude columns, making the data you care about easier to access.
  • Manage both individual and multiple courses all from one location, updating course options or status with minimal effort.

Accessing Manage Courses

Under the Courses tab, click Manage Courses.

Features of the Manage Courses Page

The following are the features of the Manage Courses page:


Items Description
Settings Menu These three options allow a user to export data, customize the columns that display on the page, and expand the view of the page. 
Status Tabs

Determine the courses to view based on their status (active or archived). View the Action History tab to review a history of bulk actions that have been taken on courses.

Search Bar


If you know the title of the course, search for it here. Use the Advanced field to exclude courses from the search.
Filters Add or remove filters to manage specific courses. 

User Permissions

Managing Courses is governed by a number of permissions. Review the following sections of the Educator Permissions Defined page to see which roles, by default, are given permissions: 

Assigning Teachers to Courses

Administrators have the option to assign teachers to courses. This action allows administrators and teachers to see course and enrollment data associated to specific teachers. This connection of teacher to course can help isolate important course and enrollment data. Additionally, districts can choose to assign teachers to specific courses if they want to restrict teachers to be able to view, edit, manage coursework, or contact only those students they are teaching. This additional optional feature helps teachers more easily locate and focus on their own courses and students, without the distraction of student and course data that is not relevant to them.

To learn about performing these actions, use the following links:

Editing Course Options

The Manage Courses page allows educators to update course options for individual courses, multiple courses, and current enrollments, provided they have the appropriate permissions.

To learn about performing these actions, use the following links:

Additional Course Actions

There are several additional available actions for courses on the Manage Courses page. Actions may be limited by the number of courses selected and the course's status (Active or Archived). To find out how to complete an action on a course and any required permissions, use the links provided below. 

Actions Available for an Active Course Actions Available for Multiple Active Courses
Actions Available for an Archived Course Actions Available for Multiple Archived Courses