Course Actions for Active Courses

The following describes each action available to educators on the Manage Courses page.

  • Depending on your permissions and the courses selected, you may not see all of these options.
  • Some actions are available for only one course, while others can be applied to multiple courses in bulk as listed below.
  • Some of these actions can only be applied when the educator is in the same school as the course.


If you don't see any one or more of these actions and you have the associated permission, check to make sure you are in the same school as the course. School is a column that can be turned on using the gear icon, and the school you are currently logged into will appear in the top right under your name.

Action Single Course Bulk Course Description
Add to Groups White_red_x.png White_red_x.png Enroll all students within a given user group to the selected course.


This feature is currently unavailable. Educators can use the Manage Students page to assign multiple courses to user groups of students.

Add to Schools White_green_checkmark.png White_green_checkmark.png Create a copy of the selected course(s) in the desired schools throughout the district.
Archive Course White_green_checkmark.png White_green_checkmark.png Removes the selected course(s) from the list of available courses; no future enrollments can be added to courses that are in archived status.
Assign Teachers White_green_checkmark.png White_green_checkmark.png Associate teachers to selected courses for the purpose of filtering data; administrators can also limit teacher access to courses currently assigned to them.
Create Exam-Only Course White_green_checkmark.png White_green_checkmark.png Create a new course that only contains one exam activity that respects customizations.
Customize White_green_checkmark.png White_red_x.png Modify content in the selected course.
Edit Course Options White_green_checkmark.png White_green_checkmark.png Modify the course options on the selected course(s); with permission modify the associated enrollments.
Enable Course White_green_checkmark.png White_green_checkmark.png Move a course from archived status to active status, allowing for new enrollments.

Note: This option is only available on the Archived tab.
Gradebook White_green_checkmark.png White_red_x.png View the Gradebook for all enrollments in the selected course.
View Course Standards White_green_checkmark.png White_red_x.png View the state standard alignments for lessons in the selected course.
View Course Structure White_green_checkmark.png White_red_x.png View the structure and course documents; access activities within the selected course.
View Enrolled Students White_green_checkmark.png White_red_x.png View all current active enrollment data; will automatically take your to the Manage Enrollments page.