Free Movement (Definition)

Free Movement allows a student to jump around to any activity within the course's structure. Traditionally, the courses are offered to students in a sequential learning model, but there are times that a course or enrollment needs to be opened up to allow a student to jump straight to a particular activity.

There are also some implementations that may use our Imagine Learning program for supplemental learning. In instances like these, we encourage enabling the free movement feature. If you have Free Movement turned on for a course, you will need to be very attentive to keep track of student progress. We recommend monitoring the Gradebook each day and paying close attention to the progress percentage.


Students are still required to watch the instructional videos in their entirety so they cannot fast forward.

To find out how to edit free movement, use one of the following links: 

Edit the Course Options for a Student Edit the Course Options for a Single Course Edit the Course Options for Multiple Courses