EdgeEX — Viewing Speed Radar on student activities

If the Academic Integrity add-on is enabled for a school, a Speed Radar icon will alert you if a student has completed an activity more quickly than expected.


  • The Academic Integrity add-on, which includes the Plagiarism Checker, Generative AI Detector, and Speed Radar, is a paid add-on feature that is available in all EdgeEX courses for a limited trial period. If you would like to purchase this feature, please contact your Imagine Learning Account Executive.
  • If you want to view information about the Speed Radar in heritage Imagine Edgenuity courses, reference Using Speed Radar in the Attendance Log.

Frequently asked questions

What causes the Speed Radar alert to appear on an EdgeEX activity?
The Speed Radar alert indicates that a student completed an activity too quickly. Speed Radar in EdgeEX is currently only calibrated for activities that include videos, but we anticipate expanding this to other activity types in the future.

Viewing Speed Radar results

  1. Access the activity from the Launchpad or the student's Grades tab.
  2. At the top of the Student Work pane, look for the Speed Radar icon. If the icon is present, the student has completed the activity more quickly than expected.


If an activity is flagged by Speed Radar, consider taking one or more of the following actions to resolve the issue:

  • Spot-check the activity to see how fast the student completed the work and what they did.
  • Reach out to the student and discuss the activity that displays the Speed Radar icon.
  • If needed, reset the activity.