EdgeEX — Resetting an activity from the student's Grades tab

Use this page to reset a student's activity. A reset requires the student to go back and complete an activity again.


Once you reset the activity, any prior attempts no longer count towards the student's course grade.

Resetting an activity has the following impact on the student:

  • The activity becomes the student’s next activity in the course sequence, once they complete any activity in progress. (That is, if the student is in the middle of an activity, it will remain the current activity. Once that activity is completed, clicking Next Activity will take the student to the activity that was reset.)
  • In the Grades tab:
    • The status of the reset activity will change from Complete to Not Started.
    • The status of any attempts the student completed prior to the Reset action will change to Reset, and they will not be eligible to count toward the student’s course grade, even if one is the highest-scoring attempt.

Frequently asked questions

If an activity is reset and the due date for that activity is in the past, will the activity be considered overdue?
Yes. This will mean that the student appears as behind and a score of zero will be averaged into the Actual Grade until the student completes the reset activity again.
If an assessment is reset, will the attempts prior to the Reset action count as attempts in the “initial allowed attempts” and “max attempts”?
If a pretest is reset, what will happen to the other activities in the lesson?

If a student previously passed a pretest, all the activities they placed out of will change back to the Pretesting status, and will be assigned if the student does not pass the new pretest attempt.

If a student previously failed a pretest, all the activities they started or completed will be left intact. If they fail the new pretest attempt, they will retain their work in any activities they had started and can pick up where they left off. If they pass the new pretest attempt, any activities that were not completed will change to the Pretested Out status (students will not lose their work in any in-progress activities if they choose to complete them anyway).

For more information about pretesting, reference EdgeEX course options — Pretesting.

If an activity is reset, will the student’s new attempt be the same or different content?
If the activity is a Pretest, Quiz, Practice Test, Test, Practice Exam, or Exam, the new attempt will be generated using the same algorithm any other assessment attempt uses — minimizing the number of times a student sees repeated items as much as possible. If the activity is a non-assessment activity, the new attempt will be the same as the attempt that was reset. 
If an activity is reset is any student work deleted?
No. All student work is maintained and is visible to the educator. The educator determines whether the work is visible to the student when performing the steps to reset the activity.

Resetting an activity

  1. Access the Grades tab.
  2. At the top of the page, click the Alert icon.
  3. The applicable activity displays in the Course Structure section and in the Student Work pane.
  4. Click the Manage Activity icon.
  5. The Manage Activity flyout displays, defaulting to the Reset tab. The This activity radio button is already selected.


    The Bypass tab is not available at this time.

  6. If you want the student to have access to their previous attempts, toggle the selection to Yes. Otherwise, leave it as No
  7. If desired, leave a comment that can be viewed by other educators (not by students).
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Click Close.


An icon displays indicating that the activity was reset, and a tooltip states who reset the activity and when.

Video: Seconds to Success — Reset an Activity