EdgeEX — Using the Grades tab

Located in the Enrollment Hub, the Grades tab allows educators to view the actions students have taken in a course along with scores and details of a student's work.

Accessing the Grades tab

  1. Access a student's Enrollment Hub.
  2. Click the Grades tab.

Features of the Grades tab

The following are some of the features of the Grades tab:

Feature Description Image
Progress status View the student's overall progress through the course. ProgressStatus.png
Activity status

View an at-a-glance status of each activity in the student's Course Structure.

Activity details

View the following for each activity:

  • Due date
  • Grade weight category of the activity
  • Date and time submitted


    The date and time display in the user's time zone.

  • Time spent on the activity
  • Score
  • Activity status

Unlock student assessments.

Action buttons

From left to right, the action buttons are:


View student work

View the student's work on each completed attempt. If Lesson Pretesting is enabled, view the student's work on the pretest.