EdgeEX — Viewing results of Plagiarism Checker and Generative AI Detector

Use this page to view the results of Short Writing and Essay activities that were automatically scanned for plagiarism and artificial intelligence (AI)-generated content in EdgeEX courses. 


  • The Academic Integrity add-on, which includes the Plagiarism Checker, Generative AI Detector, and Speed Radar, is a paid add-on feature that is available in all EdgeEX courses for a limited trial period. If you would like to purchase this feature, please contact your Imagine Learning Account Executive.
  • Reference the following for more information about Imagine Learning's Generative AI Detector: Generative AI Detector for essays — Overview.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the scanner to check a student's submission?

The scan typically takes less than 2 hours to complete, but it can take up to 48 hours during peak load times. If anything is detected, the report will display for the educator to view.

Can students see whether their work has been flagged by the scanner?

No. The Plagiarism Checker and Generative AI Detector will flag all content it finds in online sources. While sometimes the evidence of plagiarism is clear (for example, an entire student response has been copied from a website), other times there is some level of overlap but the student has appropriately cited a source. The Generative AI Detector reports a probability that the text was generated by AI. The probability is not evidence. It is up to the teacher to review the academic integrity flags and determine whether the student has plagiarized or used Generative AI to generate the text, and what action to take. Therefore, we do not surface the alert to the student.

Does the Plagiarism Checker and Generative AI Detector check Spanish content as well as English?

For plagiarism, the scan will detect if a Spanish text was copied from a Spanish site. However, if the student plagiarizes the content in English and then uses an online translation program to translate it into Spanish, the Report will not detect it.

The Generative AI Detector currently works only in English.

Does the Plagiarism Checker take into account whether a student cited a source?

The scan does not take into account whether a student cited the source. Teachers would need to check for this when reviewing the report.

Will the report generate if no items were detected?

Yes. Even with a 0% plagiarism match and a 0% Generative AI probability, the report will be generated.

Does resetting an assignment that has been flagged clear out the red alert symbol?

No. The alerts will continue to display for the attempt being viewed. Any post-reset attempts will be automatically scanned, and any alerts for such attempts will display.

Will revisions be scanned?

Essay revisions will not be scanned automatically. If you reset the activity, it will be automatically scanned.

Can I manually scan EdgeEX activities for plagiarism and AI-generated content?

No. All Short Writing and Essay activities scan automatically. There is no need for manual scanning.

Accessing the full report

  1. Access the activity from the Launchpad or the student's Grades tab.
  2. At the top of the Student Work pane, view the AI (Generative AI Detector) and PC (Plagiarism Checker) icons.

    If the AI icon or PC icon is... Then...
    Potentially AI-generated content or plagiarized content has been detected.
    No AI-generated content or plagiarized content has been detected.
  3. Click either button to automatically download and view the full results of the Plagiarism Checker and Generative AI Detector as a PDF.

Reviewing the report

  1. The report begins with a summary of the scan.
  2. Scroll to see a list of sources that show the percentage of similarities between the source text and the student's submitted assignment. 
  3. The report then shows a detailed breakdown of the areas where potential plagiarism was detected. 


    If you see a match to the "Copyleaks Internal Database," it means that the student's submission matches a submission from another student. 

  4. The report provides a heatmap of the areas where potential AI-generated content was detected.
  5. Review the Best practices for avoiding false accusations section of the Generative AI Detector for essays — Overview article to help you with next steps.