Creating an Open Enrollment for Multiple Courses

Use this page to create a set of courses that students can auto-enroll in. Students fitting the selected grade can enroll before the specified end date. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if a student does not have a grade selected on their account?
If a specified grade(s) is selected for the course then the course will not appear as available for the student to enroll in. Their grade, which is non-existent, does not match the grade requirement. 
How many courses can be set up as open enrollment at once?
They can be done 25 at a time.
What courses are not eligible for this feature?
Any course that requires a seat purchase is not eligible. Some examples are eDynamic Learning or Driver's Education courses.


To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have the "Can Create Course Open Enrollment" checked under Student Enrollments. To validate your permissions, click here.

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  1. Under Enrollment Options, click Open Enrollment
  2. Select at least one grade from the dropdown menu for each course. 


    To select the same grade for all enrollments, set the grade next to Apply to all grades & dates for below courses and click Set All.


    Any is selected by default. This can be adjusted to one or more than one grade. Only students meeting the grade level requirement will be able to enroll in the course.

  3. Enter an enrollment end date for for each course. The course will no longer be available for students to enroll in after the date specified. 


    To select the same enrollment end date for all enrollments, set the date next to Apply to all grades & dates for below courses and click Set All.


    If the date written is in the past, students will not see the enrollment available on their screen.

  4. Click Submit
  5. Click OK
  6. STUDENT SIDE- Under the plus sign, students will select Enroll next to each course name.