Accessing the Scope and Sequence for Multiple Courses

Use this page to access the scope and sequence of a course. This document is dynamic to the customizations made to a course.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a limit to the number of scope and sequence documents I can download?
Yes. There is a limit of 50 scope and sequence documents that can be downloaded each time. When you have more than 50 courses, you’ll need to run those in separate tasks. The Manage Courses page automatically loads 50 courses at a time by default, making it easier to navigate page by page to complete these downloads.
Many of our courses are customized. Will these scope and sequence documents reflect any customizations we make on our courses?
YES! These scopes will reflect any and all content changes you make to your courses using the customization tool in Edgenuity. This includes renaming unit, lesson, or activity titles, reordering lessons, excluding lessons, and even adding activities either created by educators or from other Edgenuity courses.
Since these on-demand scopes take into account customizations, is there any reason I need to use the scope and sequence that Edgenuity provides in the Course Documents section of the Course Structures page?
The Edgenuity-provided scope reflects the original course that Edgenuity published. This document serves as a record of the content in the course that was originally published to you and can be used whenever you ever need to revert changes you’ve made to the course, or compare the current version with the original version.

Need to know how to access this page? View the steps here.

  1. Select More, then select Scope and Sequence.
  2. Click Download.
  3. An alert will appear in the upper-right corner to say the download has started. 
  4. The Download will appear at the bottom of the screen. They will be placed in a zip file.